Miss Moi-yo Miller

     On his recent World tour, which lasted nine years, DANTE accepted four weeks booking for Australia, and played there almost two years, appearing at the King's Theatre, in Melbourne for 20 weeks, this after an absence of nearly 23 years.
  His first visit to the land of the kangaroo impressed him immensely, and on many occasions he has given talks over the air, and also written his impressions of Australia and its people, only to learn that a great percentage of the peoples of other countries are under the impression that Australia is a black-man's country with little or no culture and few pretty white women if any. He adds that this was to some extent his own impression before he arrived there, and further says that to his great surprise, he saw in Melbourne more beautiful women per square block than he had seen in any other part of the World. Being ever on the alert, he conceived the idea to let the rest of the world judge for themselves, and therefore decided to augment his company with the most beautiful Australian Girl he could find. He realized it had to be a real beauty, for as he puts it, "There would be no sense in taking a hamsandwich to a banquet", so after almost two years constant effort and persistent advertising in the  principal cities of Australia, and after receiving hundreds of applications, he chose Miss Moi-yo Miller to represent the beauties of this far off land.
  She was selected from Australia's biggest musical Revue, which proudly boasted of its feminine beauty. But there is a great gap between Musical Revue and the Art of Illusion. It therefore became necessary for Miss Miller to undertake complete training along entirely different lines than those to which she had been accustomed.
     Being already schooled in the art of grace and charm, and in the possession of a natural personality and poise, she completed her special training of the occult within the year, and is now the principal Illusionista of the DANTE MYSTERY REVUE.

SOURCE: Dante's Press Book