14 May 1991
Dear Marion:

What an absolute delight to hear from you !!!

Of all the magicians in this century, Dante was the greatest of them all. So a letter from his niece is a treasure to me. You ask if I have "an exhibit" on him. Actually, a great portion of the museum consists of Dante material. I think, in fact, that we might have the greatest collection of Dante material existant.

Dante played Nashville the year before I came to Nashville from St. Louis. Afterwards he started his great tour of the world. So when he returned to the USA, my wife and I made a trip to Cincinnati just to see his show. I am so glad that we did as he shortened the show, in subsequent years: but, we saw the BIG Dante show and it was the greatest ever.

After Harry's death, I corresponded with "Mom" Dante until her death. When my son was with the circus, he called "Mom" when he was in Los Angeles and although she kindly invited him out to the ranch, business prevented him from accepting. In 1966, Alvin and Ruth Race Jansen visited us. So you see, we are truly Dante fans.

Our little museum is not public and we say "admission by invitation". Very few have ever been turned down. In the case of your daughter and her family, it goes without saying we will honored to have them. Just give us a date and time and we will arrange it. I am enclosing a copy of our map to make it easier. My pictures on the envelope and letterhead were made 15 - 20 years apart.

Thanks for writing and may the Goddess of Magic grant your every wish.


David Price